We have our 2 children (young adults) still living at home with us. I’m not sure how much longer – as one is now 21 and the other 19. We love those enlarged rugrats, but boy, can they be messy – one a lot more than the other!  Is that where you live?
I recall that I too was once just like them and that it wasn’t until I got married and had my own home that I valued an orderly household.  I’m hoping the same will be true of them.  Even if they aren’t, it won’t bother me!
Meantime … this morning as I tidied up for the umpteenth time I was encouraged by recalling an article and a scripture that speaks to this very point. Let me share it with you:
“Without oxen a stable stays clean but you need a strong ox for a large harvest” (Proverbs 14:4)
Isn’t this such a great verse for us parents? This verse makes a very good point: without children our homes (and our lives) would probably remain clean and orderly.  But would I really be happy?  I realise that those same messy and noisy kids also are a huge source of joy and blessing to us. 
Here’s the point: The source of the mess is also the source of the blessing!
(Or there’s no blessing without the mess!)
Are your little (or big) rugrats causing chaos in your life?  Are they causing mess and frustration either physically, mentally or emotionally?
Consider this: We may find life easier not to have to bother with other (little) people. Without them around you to muck things up, you can do what you want when you want. But we were put on this earth to do life with one another. The thing is we are better together than we are apart – even with all of the complications of relationships. And when they muck up our lives it’s good to remember that God Himself loves us despite our messes; and just as He continues to accept us, love us, embrace us and forgive us, he asks us to model the same to our kids.
Nikki Bray
Jump in Puddles

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