Seven Things to Know About Men

You’ve probably heard the joke about how many items a couple has in the bathroom….. a man has 5 items: a toothbrush, toothpaste, his razor, shaving cream and a towel from the holiday Inn. Whereas a woman has 126 items and most of them her husband doesn’t even know what they’re for.

Well we can say the same here. There’s probably over a hundred things to know about women, whereas men, well lets just say, know these top 7, and your marriage could go a whole lot smoother. So listen up ladies… this was inspired by  writer Tricia Goyer

1. Men can’t read your mind. I know your girlfriends probably can but believe me, your husband can’t.  He just isn’t wired that way. If you think that “hinting” will enlighten him, it won’t, he simply won’t get it.  He isn’t trying to be difficult, he isn’t trying to avoid you or the issue, he simply doesn’t know what you are thinking or feeling. He isn’t into mind games and he isn’t trying to be elusive. If you want something, want him to do something, or want to talk to him about something, just ask him.
2. Men don’t like to be thrown new problems as soon as they walk through the door.  They’ve been problem solving all day and really need some time to unwind. They need space and time to allow themselves to switch from “work mode” to “home mode”. Just because he’s there physically doesn’t mean to say he’s there emotionally. Some time to unwind will work wonders.
3. Men often feel like they’re failing as a spiritual leader. A wife’s expectations in this area can crush a man. If your husband came from a home where there was no male spiritual leader, no model, then remember it’s very difficult to lead when no one has gone before you. I’’m not saying this as an excuse for your husband not to lead, only for us as wives to remember that when our husbands do take the initiative, then we need to encourage them in any small steps of leadership they take.
4. Men are extremely visual. Even if we feel overweight and unattractive they do not see us that way. They love the female form, they are wired to admire your physical beauty in the flesh. My husband has reminded me on more than one occasion, that my form is the only one he is permitted to gaze upon. So allow him to lovingly look upon you.
5. Men like someone to listen to their dreams. This one used to scare me. Andy is extremely creative with many crazy ideas. I would worry when he’d share his dreams because I’d think “oh no, here we go again,  he’s about to change our life”. But he wasn’t, he was just dreaming. So give your husband a listening ear and ask him “if you could do anything, what would you do?” He’ll appreciate your interest.
6. Men like to help us. Us wives can be so capable, sometimes too capable and forget to give our men “a beauty to rescue”. They like to help us and give us advice, so turn to him and allow him the chance to save the day.
7. A good meal and a “warm wife” – don’t you like the sound of that? – a warm wife,  she can eliminate every other care in the world.  I don’t think I need to say anything else about that…. The picture says it all. Try it  - I bet your husband will agree.


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