The Blame Game


I just love Brene´ Brown.
If you haven’t come across any of her material I want to encourage you to check her out. She has given one of the most popular TED talks of all time. I’m sure you’ll identify with what she shares.
Recently, I came across her own cool animated video on Blame and it has resonated with everyone I’ve shown it to. Take a look right here.

Brené Brown on Blame

We smile because we relate. We’ve all been there, right?  Well, I have!
When we were raising children, common statements I made were “Who did this?”  “I put my book here, who’s moved it?” “The toaster is broken, who used it last?”
As Brene´ says it’s easier to blame someone that have to look to yourself and take responsibility. Or to realise that ‘stuff just happens’. Like toasters stop working.
I found myself behaving in this fashion just the other day. Our daughter had called me out on something that had happened and I’m ashamed to admit that I immediately became defensive and blamed her. Rather than take responsibility for my own behaviour I justified it to myself and blamed her instead.
It wasn’t long before I sensed God nudging me, saying “Nikki, I’d like you to take a look at the log of wood in your own eye, rather than focus on the speck in hers." 
When I did that, and apologised sincerely, the feeling of tension and frustration just melted away for both of us.


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