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Life Impacting Products

FamilyLife has developed some great Life Impacting products, that don't fit in any one paticular category; those we've added here below.

So go exploring - we'll be updating this area regularly with new interesting things to download and experience. Have fun! Feel free to ring us if any need explanation, or you want help on the best way to use them.

Coming-of-Age.jpg     Celebrate your child moving into adulthood.

    • one of the most rewarding things you can do for your child
    • affirm the qualities already evident in your child’s life
    • instill in them wisdom and guidance for their years ahead
    • For an 18th or 21st Birthday, when they leave school, begin university, or start work


Here’s another terrific idea from FamilyLife that many people have found to be one of the most rewarding things they have ever done for their child.  It’s one of those ideas that is simple in concept but hugely significant in its delivery.

As your child “comes of age” – as they move from adolescence to adulthood – you have a wonderful opportunity to make the transition meaningful.  Rather than just letting the moment pass by we encourage you to launch your child on purpose by presenting them with a notebook of letters of encourage and words of wisdom from people they respect.

There are two primary purposes for this gift: to affirm the qualities already evident in your child’s life; and to instill in them wisdom and guidance for their years ahead.

You could choose a number of different occasions on which to present such a gift: on their 18th Birthday, when they leave school, when they begin university, or start a career, or when they turn 21.  

In the process of compiling this notebook you’ll begin to appreciate the value and importance of this idea.  And as you present it you will discover that this notebook becomes one of their most treasured keepsakes.

Download files below: 

The Tribute

God's fifth commandment, "Honour your father and mother..." may be one of the most profound in Scripture. 

The following guide on how to write a special tribute to your parents has been used by hundreds of people over the last decade. These treasured documents of love and appreciation have been used by God to bring blessing and even healing to many families.  

The best gift you can give your parents is the gift of honour.

Download File below

writing a tribute for your parents

Open this PDF file attached below and email to your parents to complete. They can open the file and complete on their computer and email back to yopu, or print it and fill in the hard copy and give it to you.


Test your Romance Level

Have some fun and complete this test together with your spouse to assess your skills as a lover! It's a great way to spend a date night!!

Simply open this quiz in Excel and answer the questions in your corresponding huband/wife sections.

See how well you do!


Creative Date Ideas

Chances are if you're in a relationship, and especially if you're on a budget, you will start to run out of things to do together on dates - other than the requisite "just hanging out". This resource is packed full of cheap, creative and fun dates. Take your pick and enjoy yourselves! (Free download available below)

Creative Conversation Questions

One of the best ways to get to know another person, and deepen a friendship, is to ask good questions. This guide has a quick intro into the concept of conversing creatively in your relationship, followed by more than a hundred questions to get you started.  (Free download available below)

Red Flags in Relationships

Any relationship will have its difficulties, but sometimes those difficulties are indicators of deep-rooted problems that, if not addressed quickly, will begin to poison your relationship. Here is a list of 16 red flags you may want to be aware of.  (Free download available below)

Download the files

Creative Date Ideas

Creative Conversation Questions

Red Flags

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