Video Series


The FamilyLife Video Series 

The FamilyLife Video Series is designed to help couples learn some key principles about what it takes to make a successful marriage, and to grow gloser together in the privacy of their own home. 

The Video Series consists of six 30-minute sessions, and contains questions for interaction and discussion.

Apart from being useful for couples to watch and learn together, the series is perfect to be hosted as a small group made up of 3-6 couples. Ideal for Home Groups, participants watch the video sessions in the weekly group meetings and engage in group discussion. Then as a weekly date nights, couples can discuss and apply what they learned. 

The series is also a great refresher for those who have already attended the Weekend to Remember or Day Together getaways.

The series was filmed live at a Weekend to Remember getaway.  

Titles of the Video Series:

  • Let's Talk presented by Steve and Leanne Hooper
  • The Master Plan presented by Tim Collins
  • Differences presented by Steve and Leanne Hooper
  • Conflict presented by Andy and Nikki Bray
  • Sex presented by Andy and Nikki Bray
  • Thrive presented by Steve and Leanne Hooper


The FamilyLife 6-part Video Series is available as a FREE resource simply by clicking on the submit button below.


How to promote a small-group 6-part marriage study

Below is a list of possible ways you can promote the series through your church and encourage others to join a marriage study for small groups. We suggest you obtain permission from church leadership first.

  • Request an announcement on the church's website, in newsletters, and in the worship service.
  • Place an ad in your church’s newsletter. A personal word from your pastor is a powerful incentive.
  • Use your church's social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Invite couples in a one-on-one conversation. The best invitation is a personal contact.


If you are hosting the series in your own home, you can:

  • Personally invite couples in your circle of friends, and through your church.
  • Send an invitation through Facebook to your Facebook friends and ask them to forward it to their friends as well.