S1E4: The Master Plan

Exploring God’s design for marriage with guest Brad Carr

Someone once told me: “If a hammer is the only tool in your toolbox, you’ll treat everything like it is a nail.” Now although that saying relates to broadening your skillset and mastering your trade, I think the concept leads to some valuable reflection on invention and purpose. The purpose of a hammer is to drive a nail into an object, but when I use that hammer on something it wasn’t designed to be used for, I may cause some serious damage. In carpentry, every tool has a purpose and unless we understand the design and purpose of each instrument, we won’t be effective in our craft.
“If purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.” Dr. Myles Munroe
In the same way, each tool in a carpenter’s toolbox has a designed function, there is also a design idea behind marriage. In this podcast with our guest speaker Brad Carr, we explore the topic of God’s design for marriage; the Master Plan.
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