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Complaint v Criticism

We are always likely to have various complaints about the person we are married to. When we live in the same house, sleep in the same bed, and live out

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F.I.N.E thanks!

Have you asked someone today “How are you?” or “Are you ok?” And did they respond with “Good thanks” or “fine”? I bet you have, and I bet they did.

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Lend an ear and you’ll gain a heart

Are you good at lending an ear? Or put another way, are you a good listener? I bet you answered in the affirmative. Most people do. In the book “The Listening Life” by Adam S.McHugh, Psychologist David Benner is quoted as saying “most of us are not good at listening even though we think we are”, and that this becomes an obstacle to growth.

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Happily Ever After?

The secret to “happily ever after” is finding your soul mate, right? Wrong! Here’s why; and an alternative mindset you may want to adopt. Relationship …

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12 Ideas to Help your Family Remember the Reason for the Season

We probably all remember the song, “On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me, a partridge in a pear tree”. I …

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Improving Your Lovemaking

Having been involved with FamilyLife and working with couples for over 28 years I’ve noticed that people assume I’m a ‘sexpert’. I’m not, but I …

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It’s Not About The Money

Have you ever fought about money in your relationship? I bet you have. I bet that some of your fiercest arguments have involved finances. Money …

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Have I married the wrong person?

Have you ever wondered that you might have married the wrong person? Often when we fall in love, we do so because that person is …

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Tricky conversations

Nobody likes them, right, and yet we all need to have them if our relationships are going to deepen and grow. I remember having a …

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